Monday, April 24, 2006

Wow, three months since my last post. Lots going on I guess.

One thing that is been happening is the renovation of my sister and brother-in-law's house by my sister and brother-in-law. The house is in Austin though, so I follow the adventures on Katie's Renovation Station weblog which has been great for keeping all our families updated on what's going on (and also helped them to wrangle up a few contributions to the cause).

Yesterday I was in San Francisco for work and I ran with some colleagues to the Golden Gate, and back. We started about 4 miles away, near Ghirardelli Square Square, and the total of 8 was a recent record for me. They ran further -- over the bridge in fact -- but that was bit too far for me, so I turned back after taking in the view from the bridge. One colleague, Paul, had his camera and was videotaping, as is usual for him, so we should see some footage from the trip show up on his blog in a day or two. As for me, I signed up to run the Broad Street Run on May 7th. A historic run in Philadelphia that starts where I went to high school (Girls High on Broad Street) and runs past where I currently live, and then further south to the old Navy Yard. Hopefully other members of my family with be running along too, making it all that more historical.

Thursday I take another train trip -- this time on the -- from Emeryville, CA (near Berkeley) to San Diego. Amtrak put together a document that Rich found for me so that I know what I'm looking at as I daydream out the window -- can't wait! Will try to get some decent pictures this time.


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