Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I haven't posted recently, just been too damn busy lately (more on that later). But I wanted to stop and acknowledge a few important events/anniversaries.

First, a happy event ...

My father turned 60 this past week. Way to go Dad! Photos from the weekend my sisters and I had with our partners, steps-siblings, Dad and Jeannie in NYC have been posted on my Flickr site.

Then a couple sad notes ...

Jim Gray, founder of the National Writing Project, died on November 1st. The NWP has posted a formal tribute to him on the NWP homepage. A friend of mine who knew Jim out in California posted this personal tribute to him on his own blog.

I also just noticed today (because I'm behind on reading blogs too) that Rich's close friend and a person I quite liked and respected, Sara Weaver, would have turned 36 the other day. He wrote this tribute to her on her birthday. In 2002 she died of Leukemia. A fund has been set up in her memory at the Philadelphia Foundation called the Weave Fund.


Anonymous John said...

It looks like a nice time was had by all.

Do you and your sister have the same sunglasses or are you sharing?

Also, the picture in the second row, second from the left is labelled November 2006, not 2005.

3:05 PM  

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