Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I don't personally know this teacher, Doug Noon author of Borderland, but I believe that I did actually meet him at the NWP Annual Meeting one year -- he was handing out a card advertising his weblog. (I remember the card because I liked the design.) I follow his writing from time to time and today I read this interesting post about Kids Voting that I thought might be of interest to others.


Anonymous John said...

The Kids Voting was interesting.

It seems likea good effort by the teacher.

When I was in school we did vote for President, but never did any school based research on the candidates.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Doug said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog. I'm glad to know you find it of interest. You must be thinking of another person, though (the one you met), because I've never handed out any cards for my weblog, and I'm not sure what NWP is. I guess I have something new to learn now. ;)

10:39 AM  

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