Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quote from Lani Guinier, a Harvard University law professor in this commentary from the Washington Post.

[Poor black people are] "the canary in the mine. Poor black people are the throwaway people. And we pathologize them in order to justify our disregard."

But, she says, "this is not just about poor black people in New Orleans. This is about a social movement, with an administration that is bent on weakening the capacity of the national government to act. . . . I hope this is a wake-up call to all of America. To see this as the tip of the iceberg, the thin edge of the wedge. We ignored the early warning signals. But this is another early warning that we are ill prepared to function as a society."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me count the ways that you are wrong.

Poor black folks - gee, ever consider the fact that 66% of the population of New Orleans is black, so what do you think the proportion of black 'victims' will/should be.

Poor black folks - most made a choice, an ignorant choice but a choice non the less to stay. So when a train is bearing down on you and you refuse to get off the tracks whose fault is it when you get hit? You might say they are illiterate, so who is holding them back from our FREE public educational system? Or is it just easier to collect welfare and unemployment than it is to do the extra work to educate yourself and increase your earning capacity?

Even if they were illiterate, the news about the hurricane was on the radio and TV. No, the majority of these 'victims' made a choice and now liberals want to castigate Bush for the choice that these fools made, sorry no sale.

The elderly and infirmed should have been evacuated, but that failure rests on the city and state officials - NOT the feds. Sorry, I feel for anyone hurt but I also realize that the vast majority brought it on themselves by staying there.

11:55 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

Hello anonymous.

Just to note that is interesting how I post the word "race" on my blog and I suddenly get feedback from people I don't know.

The reasons people don't leave are complicated and I am using this blog, right now, to explore the reasons why the evacuation left so many people there in harms way. I'm not trying to sell anything, so I would appreciate if you didn't either.

12:11 AM  
Anonymous xok said...

Dag. I shall vomit now. ack ack ack.

I think you're doing a great job at exploring the reasons why without selling, Chris.

(happy birthday, too!!!)

8:22 PM  

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