Thursday, September 08, 2005

One of the commentators tonight on the political commentary section of "News and Notes," an African American talk radio show on NPR (the only one?), is from Louisiana and she said she thought that it wasn't about race. She knew that would be an unpopular statment within her community (which I am assuming is also African American). She didn't have too much time to say too much more, except that many poor white communities were also left behind in this storm too but we just don't see them on t.v. This is probably true and it would be good to learn more. I'm not sure it would convince me that this isn't about race, but I am sure that this is also hugely about class and privledge.

Just watched the video posted on Truthout from the president of the Jefferson Parrish. Ugh. What the hell has been going on? It's really just amazing and depressing (sorry to keep repeating that, but it's true!).

This morning the women I work with came over to my house for a little birthday party for Marci ... and apparently me too (that was a nice surprise!). The most active conversation was about the reaction to what Kanye West said on t.v. the other day. If you saw it you know that he was very very upset, but maintained his tone and said things the way he saw them. The broadcast turned him off after he made his statement about Bush not caring about black people. So? Agree with him or not, but it's not like he threatened to kill the president or anything. They cut this part about Bush from the West coast broadcast.


Anonymous John said...

I did see the fund raiser on Friday night and Kayne West was an idiot two ways.

First, this was not a political forum, it was a show to raise money for the flood victims. Even if he had stuck to making valid points, such as the government response being too slow and inadequate, it was not the time or place. Antagonizing potential donors and distracting from the message – give to help those who need it – was counterproductive.

Second, he didn’t restrict himself to saying Bush doesn’t care about Blacks, he said they are now sending troops down there to kill Blacks, which is beyond idiotic.

West is a well known entertainer, although not to me, and has the ability to make statements that will be carried by the media. He could have easily and more properly used the other avenues available to him to make his points.

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