Sunday, September 04, 2005

My sister Kate and her husband Scott live in Austin and last night, after midnight, they went down to the convention center where 5,000+ evacuees [changed from "refugees" upon request] had just arrived. Along with them, reports my sister, were another 1,000+ volunteers, many from the university. She writes: "... it makes me proud of Austin, and mostly of all the young college kids who were there."

And then she reports that she heard that "women's underwear, towels, and sheets are still needed, and that money is needed more than anything."

We had a labor day block party out on Waverly last night and collected a couple hundred dollars that we took to Whole Foods because they are matching. Most of us had already given, so it was good to give more of the cash we had on hand too. The party was fun ... pot luck BBQ followed by summer slide show and movie on the neighbor's wall. People talked about what was happening in New Orleans, but I think also took a somewhat needed break, and didn't talk about it too. We have that luxury here, at this moment at least.


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