Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's a beautiful day here in Philadelphia. My neighbors are outside sweeping the small street we live on to prepare for a labor day BBQ this evening. I'm going to make dandelion salad (sort of like this, with no egg). Rich mentioned his mother went out into the backyard just recently and made a delicious salad, which is what inspired the idea. However, I bought the greens at the market.

Things are still dire in New Orleans. Red Cross is looking for blood donations -- especially type O. That's me. I don't usually give blood because I always pass out and/or it takes me a long time to recover. My father is the same way.

My uncle lives and works in Fort Worth for the housing authority. He said two days ago they were told they had 200 refugees on the way. Yesterday he found out the number was 25,000. ... Talked to my colleague Joye in Oklahoma yesterday and they are paying close attention to this as teachers. The influx of all these news students into the schools, in Texas and probably next, Oklahoma, is going to shift things significantly in those areas.


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I got your link underRich Garella's Blog. I know him from my days in W. Philly. My blog is
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Its a baby blog but I will one day
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