Sunday, August 21, 2005

What a busy week. Took off from work and promptly filled it with lots of things to do. Living rather than blogging week ... need time away from the computer.


Tomorrow is back to the grind. But before I re-enter, I wanted to post a public thank you to all the folks who came to the vigil at 12th and Pine Streets on Wednesday evening. I sadly can't reach the people who came anymore ... since I organized this through MoveOn, my host privledges for emailing have been turned off (I have requested a change to this however). So hopefully some of you will find this.

Here are the pictures from MoveOn vigils from all over the country, including this one from 12th & Pine.

And here are more photos from 12th & Pine (thanks to the wonderful, supportive and ever-talented Rich Garella).

There was an idea to have a vigil every week until the mothers come home. Not a bad idea. Here's a good website for learning more about what is happening down in Texas that has moved so many people across the country to come out on the streets in support -- Gold Star Families for Peace.