Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's the last day of August, 2005. It's sticky outside and hurricane Katrina down in the Gulf promises rain today here, leaving behind a mess down there.

Finally went to folk dancing last night at the Art Museum. One of those things you see advertised in the paper and you think "oh that would be a good thing to do" but you never go. It was fun, a bit challenging. Beautiful up on the art museum at night. They will move indoors for winter, into Lloyd Hall. ... Most of them were experienced folk dancers, and also older than us. It's not really a young person's thing to folk dance for the most part I guess. But I actually quite like the traditional group dances. And, anyway, I'm not really a young person anymore.

I posted a few updated photos of the bathroom for Hillary if she comes back to this blog to take a look. Now I'm still collecting quotes for additional work on this place. Part of me gets excited about redoing parts of this house like the kitchen, and part of me thinks it's a pain the ass and a waste of materials and time. But then again, in a 200 year old house, I suppose any improvements I make can only help. I'll just add a clause when I sell -- do not change until X date in order to make all this work and the materials worth it!

Oh, and I should make a link to this. Spiral Q is mentioned in Sunday's Inquirer in an article about the impact of nonprofits in the Philadelphia area.