Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Hotel Durant, my home away from home in Berkeley California. High speed internet access in the rooms and wireless in the lobby -- so high tech for a hotel that reminds you of the "bygone era of elegance and luxury."

I actually like the place quite a bit, flaws and all. No a/c at all, just fans in the room and windows that open, which is good for me since the weather here is usually cool. .. On the down side you can definitely hear your neighbors through the walls, Tuesday evenings down in the pub it gets really really noisy with students (over 21 of course), and there are only two, already full, double outlets in every room (always placed in the most awkward places). But as a frequent visitor, along with other fellow NWP travelers, we like to record the constant little improvements which they do in fact make here all the time. The place definitely does have a certain charm as well as many local beers on tap right downstairs, which makes us happy after long days of travel or meetings. Not sure how well it would hold up in an earthquake though (and hoping not to find out).

Probably important to note too that the pub downstairs (Henry's) was unfortunately made famous by an event in 1990 where one deranged/distraught student took a number of others students hostage and killed one person and then died in the stand-off. I would normally link to articles about this event, but when I did a google search I found a couple particularly hateful links, so I'm not longer in the mood.

I'm here visiting an advanced technology institute of the Bay Area Writing Project.