Saturday, August 06, 2005

Here I am at the NWP Writing and Technology Professional Writing Retreat (a mouthful I realize!) in Nebraska City, Nebraska. I'm in our little computer lab on the third floor of the Lied Lodge Retreat Center. It's beautiful outside, but the sun is getting hot and it's hard to see my screen in the glare, so I retreat inside. I thought I would spend most of my time here working on an article I started years ago now, but besides thinking about it, I haven't done much actual work on that. Given that I'm here working (for the NWP), it's nice to even have the reflective space to pay it some attention again actually. ... I also have had time today to finish a marathon of email catch ups, work-related chats, and a phone conference with Paul in Tahoe and I thought I'd take a moment to blog about what's happening here.

Lied Lodge itself is pretty cool. Based on Arbor Day Farms Preserve, the lodge has a commitment to tree planting and environmental sustainability. The a/c we are enjoying comes from the burning of poplar tree "biomass" from their renewal tree farms. The rugs we walk on are made from recycled word chips and the rubber underneath that comes from recycled tires. The hazelnut grove we see outside the window are meant to support experiments in alternative and sustainable farming in the Nebraska plains area. The apple trees contain antique apples, protected and grown to support continued diversity and development. (Unfortunately the apples aren't in bloom right now, but the peaches and apple cider from last year are delicious!).

Despite the great outdoors, there is also lots to tapped into here in the lodge itself. Right now a few of us are connecting our iTunes libraries through the wireless network and listening to each others' music as we work and type. All the folks here from the writing project are working hard on their writing and, as a consequence, the discussions over lunch (once they take a break from composing) are good and fascinating and rich with energy. I really do love the writing project. It's wonderful when I have those moments when I can rise above the work grind and see the wonderful thing I am connected to and through.

And here's my haiku:

No progress on the actual piece
Just lots of thinking
Realizing along the way

And a few pictures that Will posted online at Flickr.