Thursday, August 11, 2005

Finished a really interesting book over my last trip -- The Gate by Francois Bizot. This is about the author's experience as a young ethnologist in Cambodia in the 1970's during the Khmer Rouge regime. Although I have read stories by survivors of the war, this book was particularly interesting since Bizot actually has candid conversations (which he documents here, apparently from memory) with his captor, the infamous and also young, Douch, during the first time he is taken hostage in Anlong Veng in the early days of fighting. Also lots of things I didn't know about Vietnam's involvement too (not to mention France and America).

Finishing this book brings me to read more about the war generally. Reading through that section of Howard Zinn's A People's History. Amazed by the parallel here with the current war in Iraq -- especially around how the government used media and rhetoric to obscure the real reasons for the US's involvement (ie. resource control and access), I'm wondering again how to fight against this current involvement in Iraq. The headline today is about five local soldiers who were killed yesterday.

I sent money to Iraq Veterans Against the War and display their sticker on my bike so that more people learn that they exist. Also, today, an encampment of mothers who have lost children in Iraq convene in Texas to meet with Bush. MoveOn and True Majority are supporting them now in their campaign. What else should we be doing?