Saturday, June 18, 2005

Quiet Saturday night here on Waverly Street. It's finally cool out so the roar of my neighbors' air conditioners is on a low intermittent hum tonight, which is a nice change. They can create quite the cacophony of noise in this little courtyard, the only benefit of which is that you can hear less of your neighbors' business which is sometimes the case on cool quiet evenings. But that's just what happens when your windows are only twelve feet away from one another and the sound bounces from wall to wall. Although I noticed living here, that overtime, we do start to develop blinders -- on our eyes and our ears -- in order to just live in such tight quarters with one another.

Our houses, in the summer, are little brick ovens. And one can start to really feel like a pizza. So while the a/c is a source of noise pollution mostly, not to mention the power drain, I realize that in the heat they are quite the relief. ... I have one. In fact I realize I have two (one installed in the kitchen and another in the basement) but I try to use them as a last resort.

I once asked my grandmother, who raised four kids in a small two story row house in the Logan section of Philadelphia, what they used to do before a/c. Several things, she said, including bringing the mattresses downstairs, sleeping on the porch, and putting baby powder on the sheets. And of course fans. I have to say, the fans and baby powder combo really does work! Of course, moving downstairs does too. I don't have a porch though, and I probably wouldn't sleep out on it anymore if I did honestly.

Jean, my next door neighbor to the right, is out of town tonight and I am supposed to walk her dog Tank (he's a chihuahua) and he did not want to be walked, and he gets mean when he doesn't want to do something. So I left him be. Hum ... I better get up in the early morning though and take him for a walk first thing.


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