Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's getting hot here again. John, another neighbor in the courtyard, read my previous blog post and says I sound superior about my non-use of the air conditioner. I suppose there is some of that. Rich and my colleagues at work actually take my resistance to a/c as a consequence of my protestant background -- ie. that I think it's good to suffer. Probably true there too. I do have a practical side too though ... the a/c covers one of two windows on my third floor and the place is dark enough! But maybe that's only an excuse for my underlining prejudices.

The bathroom is done! Well, technically anyway. Still painting and such to do. Got to get it cleaned up though as a colleague of mine is staying here during the NECC conference. I'm out of here though -- off to Vermont in a couple days to bike around Lake Champlain -- so you all will have to enjoy the conference without me!


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